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  Vallourec Drilling Products hardbanding increases tool joint life and is applied prior to the tool joint being welded to the pipe body. It is applied under closely controlled conditions resulting in a uniform, low porosity, wear-resistant surface.

Vallourec Drilling Products hardbanding is available in either a flush or raised configuration, using fine, standard or large spherical tungsten carbide pellets. With the flush design, the surface is flush with or slightly above the tool joint surface. With the raised configuration, the tungsten carbide surface is raised to approximately 1/32” above the tool joint surface.

Drill pipe

Vallourec Drilling Products offers hardbanding for drill pipe on tool joint box sections; however, special requests for tool joint pin sections are also available. Hardbanding applied on the tool joint box section is welded, extending 3-1/4’ over the wear area including 3/4’ on the tapered shoulder. Recent changes to industry drilling practices have seen many clients eliminate the requirement for hardbanding on the tapered section as this has shown to cause extensive wear on the elevator bowl.

Vallourec Drilling Products will apply hardbanding in accordance with our customer request. We are qualified to apply the following products:
  • Arnco 100XT and 300 XT
  • Armacor M
  • Tuboscope TCS 8000 and TCS Ti
  • Duraband NC
Vallourec Drilling Products’ special hardbanding, “Super Smooth” (Series 5000), is a non-abrasive hardbanding in which the tungsten carbide pellets are buried below the joint surface and are covered over with a layer of hard metal.

Heavy weight drill pipe

Vallourec Drilling Products also offers a full range of “specialty” hardbandings upon request, including Procasing, a proprietary wear-resistant chromium alloy hardbanding. Free of tungsten carbide, it is mainly applied on HWDP, which may be run in the cased section. Procasing is an excellent compromise that protects the tool joint while at the same time minimizing the casing wear. Free of cracks, it can be re-applied for refurbishment.

Procasing is applied on heavy weight drill pipe run in the cased section and is applied as a standard on box and pin tool joints and central upset. Application of the hardbanding for standard pads is 4’ wear pad on both box and pin end and 1” wear pad on taper section. Two 3” wear pads on central upsets. Hardbanding is completely flush on both tool joints and 1/8” raised on the central upset.

Drill collars

Hardbanding is recommended on drill collars with slip and elevator recesses and is applied in a 4” long wear pad above the elevator recess, a 1” long wear pad above the slip recess and 10” long wear pad under the slip recess.

Hardbanding (flush or raised)

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