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Dirk Bissel,
Vallourec Managing Director

Within the Vallourec growth strategy, drilling products is a cornerstone. Taking advantage of Vallourec leading position in the Oil & Gas market for premium products, as well as its fully integrated operations from iron ore to tailor made finished goods and services, Vallourec has inherited strong fundamentals. Through its vertical integration with the Vallourec Group, Vallourec is able to guarantee the superior quality of its raw materials and to develop new steel grade technologies to ensure superior performance.

Vallourec is a consolidated business unit that combines the experience and expertise of V&M Tubes Drill Pipe Division, OMSCO, Inc. (now named Vallourec USA, Inc.), SMF-International (now Vallourec France), DPAL FZCO (now Vallourec Middle East FZE) located in Dubai, Protools (now Vallourec Protools Oil Equipment Manufacturing LLC) in Abu Dhabi and V&M do Brasil S.A.. Vallourec offers a complete range of products and services including drill pipe, heavy weight drill pipe, drill collars, non-magnetic drill collars and MWD housings as well as safety valves and accessories for all drilling applications.

Vallourec provides high-quality and high-performance products that are used around the world. Seven primary manufacturing facilities are located in Brazil, France, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates and the United States. Worldwide sales offices and the VAM Services network ensure a close relationship and excellent field support to our customers.

Vallourec’s innovative R&D and Marketing teams are dedicated to developing unique tubular solutions and services to improve drilling efficiency and to guarantee higher safety margins. Vallourec works in close collaboration with operating companies and drilling contractors to develop new high-performance products for today’s challenging drilling environments.

Our objective: to be a true partner to our clients in all their projects and to ensure their success.

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